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Why Apricot

Why Apricot

Apricot has no set-up fee, no software or hardware requirements (other than an internet-enabled computer), and a 1 month free trial with every account.

Our Key Features

Cloud Based

As long as you have internet then you can access Apricot: any time and anywhere. Update records whenever you want.

Low Cost

Apricot has a super low monthly cost with no restrictions on the number of consultants.

Security is in built

Apricot is built on a secure framework and hosted on a server backed up every day.

Easy to use

Our system is simple and easy to use. Help your business by signing up and managing your data.

Unlimited consultant access

Add as many consultants as you need at no extra cost! Each with their own log in and personalised dashboard.

Apricot benefit

Apart from the low cost, we are always adding new features and suggestions at no extra cost. So benefit from furture additions.

What do you get?

Your Apricot account lets you instantly add candidates, clients and jobs, manage the application process, add tasks, and view reports on your business.

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Who is it for?

Apricot is ideal for small and start-up agencies who want a simple but effective system, or for companies who want to manage their own internal recruitment.

We also help larger agencies and offer customisation.

bespoke recruitment software

"Our business has grown significantly over the last 6 years and the team have provided excellent website and database services in support of this growth"

John Davies, Owner,
De Lacy Executive

"We use the Apricot Data base system and find it effective and easy to use. James and the team are on hand if you have any queries and can taylor certain aspects of the system to your specific business needs, they always work quickly to resolve any issues and keep you updated."

Anand Panchmatia, Owner,
A&B Recruitment

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Guaranteed easier to use

Apricot makes life easier because it's simple and instinctive. Where other recruitment software can be over-complicated and require hours of training and support, most Apricot users simply log in and get started.

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One simple monthly payment

We work hard to make sure Apricot is easy to use, and we want to make sure our service is just as easy. We offer SAAS or 'software as a service' with no contracts or commitment, because it means we'll only continue to get monthly payments by keeping our customers are happy.

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Why we did it

Before we started Apricot we provided bespoke software for several clients in recruitment, and we also became aware of alternative software on the market. We weren't impressed with the options and in particular, there wasn't much for smaller operators. Other products were hard to use and expensive, with high set-up costs, over-priced user licences and obligatory support contracts.

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Who is Apricot for?

Apricot gives smaller agencies an instant and incredibly simple system that anyone can use. The low monthly fee keeps your overheads low, and even as you get bigger you won't pay any more for extra users.

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Agencies getting a poor deal

Current recruitment software isn't doing its job of helping agencies to run their business better because it's too expensive, over-complicated and doesn't account for the user experience, according to new provider Apricot.

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