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Do you have a question that needs answering? This page will provide the information you need.

Can I make backups?

Yes. You can back up your data to CSV format from your Apricot account. We also take server backups and store Apricot on multiple servers with physical and electronic protection.

Can I use Apricot from multiple computers?

Absolutely. We don't charge licences for either users or workstations, and because Apricot is web-based you can access from any computer, and any number of computers.

Can I use Apricot outside the UK?

Yes. Apricot is not restricted and we think it will be useful to anyone managing recruitment, wherever you are. Currently Apricot is only provided in the English language.

Do you offer a discount?

We offer discount the more months you sign up to. For example the best value is 12 months and works out at £30+VAT per month

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes. We offer a 30 day free trial where you can get to grips with the system. When you sign up (NO CREDIT CARD DETAILS NEEDED) we will automatically give you access to the use the whole system FREE for 30 days. SIGN UP FOR A FREE TRIAL -

How do I change my account package?

Once your free trial expires, you'll need to pay in advance for continued access. Just select the features you need and pay online. Once you've confirmed your selection, you won't be able to change your package until the next payment.

How do I make payments?

Once your free trial expires, you can pay to extend access using your debit or credit card, or Paypal account. Just follow the links in your account.

How secure is my data?

Apricot and your data are very well protected by secure access, hosting backup and physical protection of our servers. Web-based software is also more secure because if your computer or internet access stop working, Apricot is still available from any other computer.

Is there a contract?

No. The system works in a flexible manner like Pay as you go.

What hardware and software do i need?

Just a computer with a web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer). Apricot is web-based so all your information is stored online and you can login from any computer with internet access. There are no installation costs or minimum software requirements.

What if I need a bespoke system?

We also provide a bespoke development service for recruitment agencies, job boards and in-house recruitment departments through Bluelinemedia, which produces Apricot. Visit our bespoke recruitment software website -

What if I stop paying?

If your account reaches the expiry date without payment, you will not be able to access the account before making a payment. There are no additional fees or termination charges. If your account remains inactive for 1 month, we will cancel your account and delete all your information.

What if I want to change software later?

Apricot gives you access to your data with no contract, so you are never tied to us.

What is the cost for more than 1 consultant?

The cost per month is still the same. If you are a team of more then one consultant, the monthly price is still £40+VAT

What set-up fees are there?

None. All you pay is your monthly fee, and even that is free for the first month.

Whats the minimum term?

You only pay one month at a time so you can cancel whenever you like. We don't have a support contract and you always pay your monthly payment in advance, so you'll never commit to more than the money you have already paid

Why wouldn't i just pay once for something off the shelf?

We think your monthly payment to Apricot gives much better value. You'll always have the latest version, including new features and amendments as soon as we apply them. Maintenance and support is included in your monthly fee, and because your information is stored online you're not vulnerable to local computer problems, and you can access your system from anywhere. You also won't have to pay any extra to add new users.

We do offer a bespoke and customised service for one-off purchases of recruitment software. Visit our bespoke recruitment software website -

No contract, no commitment.

Try Apricot free today.