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AT-DESIGNCO - Design Co-Ordinator

Zeus Personnel are currently working alongside a fast-growing construction company in West Yorkshire.



The Precontract Design Coordinator role is a key role within the organisation and provides a seamless link from project inception through to site thereby covering both pre and post contract elements.

The role is a hybrid of a number of construction facets. The role would suit individuals with general construction experience and covers elements from Project Management, Planning, Quantity surveying and Estimating. Training, mentoring will be given as required to enable the role to be fulfilled.

The process:

A large portion of our construction workload is directly for our development company, CDP.

The Preconstruction Dept provide CDP with accurate cost plans for their bidding process. These cost plans, usually done by the Commercial Manager, enable CDP to make offers on sites and/or attract tenants.

When CDP have interest in site and have submitted for Planning Approval the Preconstruction dept begin the process of preparing a formal offer for undertaking the project and then progressing the design to construction status.

Whether the project is for CDP or external clients the principles are the same.

Commercial Manager allocates a Precontract Design Coordinator and Estimator to prepare the offer.

First design team meeting is arranged which includes the Architect, Structural Engineer, M&E Consultant (if reqd), CDP’s Project Manager (in house) and our Planning Manager (for programme & prelims)

At that meeting timescales will be established for preparing a “tender” issue of information and key dates relative to the site commencement date e.g steel order date, piling order date, service diversions etc in lane with the Information Required Schedule produced by the Planning Dept.

The Coordinator will chair and minute these meetings and will monitor progress between meetings to ensure timescales are met, design meetings are usually fortnightly, sometimes monthly in the early stages.

Once a tender pack of information is available then the pricing process will begin.

The Coordinator will be responsible for obtaining competitive quotations for trades with design responsibility eg Steelwork, cladding, windows piling, M&E etc using the tender info as the basis.

The Coordinator will receive the quotations, reconcile on a like for like basis and then provide the information to the estimator for inclusion in the tender offer.

The Estimator will prepare a bill of quantities, obtain quotations for domestic trades e.g plastering, painting, tiling etc. The Estimator will prepare the net estimate including pricing labour and materials.

The Planning Manager will prepare the tender programme and prelims.

Throughout the tender period the Coordinator will chair the design meetings and the meetings will feed back info from the design subcontractors into the design team.

Throughout the pricing period the design team will continue to work towards construction issue drawings in accordance with the initial programme, When the estimate is complete a settlement meeting will be arranged to review the estimate and prepare an offer submission to CDP/external Client.

The Coordinator will prepare a Contractor’s Proposals document in conjunction with the Estimator and Commercial Manager.

After consultation with our General Manager the offer will be submitted to CDP/Client for their acceptance and instruction.

There may be a value engineering period which will be led by the Coordinator using the Design team, Estimator, Commercial manager for options, suggestions. These will then be designed and priced and offered to CDP/Client to comment, approval.

When the contract sum and design are accepted the Estimator will prepare a full issue of documentation for issue to the Construction Dept.

The Coordinator will continue to chair design meetings and ensure construction information is being prepared and issued to suit the programme until an appropriate time when this is passed to the Construction Stage Coordinator, The Coordinator will develop the design subcontractor’s quotations and ensure compliance with the design and, following approval of the General Manager, provide a recommendation for order placement. The formal order will be placed by the QS using the information provided.

For continuity it is important that the Coordinator remain involved in the project from the initial stages, through the pricing process and into the construction stage. Dependant upon the size and complexity of the individual project the Coordinator will remain involved until such a time that coordination responsibilities can be passed over to the project QS/Construction Phase Coordinator.

Throughout the design process the Coordinator will be responsible for drawing and document issues, using the admin dept, ensuring all members of the team receive up to date information.

The Coordinator will review all design information prior to release for construction purposes.

The Precontract Coordinator will also liaise closely with the project Contracts Manager and when required our General Manager. This liaison will include the fundamental principles of how the project will be constructed attached is a responsibility matrix which sets out the responsibilities and relationships of the various team members

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  • Added: 6th June 2019
  • Salary: £50,000
  • Location: West Yorkshire

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