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Blog > New features added to Candidates, clients and consultants

New Features Added

We have been working on some new features which have been launched today:


When adding a work item to a candidate there is now the option to select a client from your account. By doing this it links a candidate to a client on your system marking them as an employee. When a candidate is selected as an employee they will appear against the client under a new tab called 'Employees'.


When adding/editing an application there are two new fields to choose a date and a time. This can be used if you wanted to record an interview time for example.


As an admin user you can now set other consultants to be only able to view records they have added and not see the records of other consultants.

A consultant can now choose to show on thier dashboard different application status'. For example choosing to show the latest 'Placed' candidates.

Date: 03/01/2019 | Author: James