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Blog > Email communication with Apricot

Using emails in Apricot

We know email communication is key for any recruitment agency, whether it's automatically updating candidates or being able to record emails sent to your clients. Here is a quick overview of some of the ways we use email in Apricot, backed up by MailChimp's Mandrill transactional email functionality.

Email multiple contacts. Search for contacts within your client records and tick the ones you want to email, then simply send a single email to everyone you've chosen.

Dynamic name fields. Automatically include fields such as first name in your Apricot emails by using our tags.

Bulk candidate email. Choose multiple candidate records and email everyone at once.

Quick email. Send an email to any client, candidate or contact from a quick link available throughout your Apricot account.

Send yourself a copy email. Include a 'bcc' field with your consultant's email to include a copy of emails sent to candidates.

Branded emails. Include your company logo in emails sent from your Apricot account.

Email history for all records. When you send emails from Apricot, you'll see a history of emails that you've sent in each of your records.

Date: 12/10/2016 | Author: Ben