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New features added to Candidates, clients and consultants

New features added to Apricot. Features include linking candidates to clients as employees, application date and times and consultant preferences

Date: 03/01/2019 | Author: James

New version of Apricot launched

New version of Apricot launched

Date: 24/10/2018 | Author: Ben



Date: 01/08/2018 | Author: James

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Date: 10/07/2018 | Author: Ben

Account payments

Account payments

Date: 18/06/2018 | Author: James



Date: 12/06/2018 | Author: Ben



Date: 06/06/2018 | Author: Ben

Deleting Records

Deleting Records

Date: 06/06/2018 | Author: James

Consultants & Candidates

Consultants & Candidates

Date: 08/05/2018 | Author: James



Date: 09/02/2018 | Author: James

Misc changes

Misc changes

Date: 08/02/2018 | Author: James

Customer Source Types

Customer Source Types

Date: 18/01/2018 | Author: James

Jobs search

Jobs search

Date: 03/01/2018 | Author: Ben

To do's

To do's

Date: 05/12/2017 | Author: Ben

SMS Sending to candidates and contacts

SMS Sending to candidates and contacts

Date: 07/04/2017 | Author: James

New Report

New Report

Date: 05/04/2017 | Author: James

Candidates features

Candidates features

Date: 24/03/2017 | Author: Ben

Enhanced search, to dos and jobs board

Searches, To Dos, Job Board updates

Date: 23/03/2017 | Author: James

Email communication with Apricot

How we use email to make managing your recruitment agency easier with Apricot

Date: 12/10/2016 | Author: Ben

Features of Apricot Recruitment Software

Features of Apricot Recruitment Software

Date: 11/10/2016 | Author: Ben

Latest recruitment software features for Apricot

June 2016 new features for our ever-developing pay monthly recruitment software Apricot

Date: 10/06/2016 | Author: Ben

New features for April 2016

The latest recruitment software features we've added to Apricot

Date: 29/04/2016 | Author: Ben

Latest New Features 23 March 2016

Some of the latest changes to keep Apricot up to date for your recruitment agency

Date: 23/03/2016 | Author: James

Let us bring over your existing data

Let us import your existing data to make it easier to switch to Apricot

Date: 15/03/2016 | Author: Ben

Apricot is fully secure

Just a reminder that Apricot's web-based recruitment software is secure for you and your candidates/clients

Date: 08/03/2016 | Author: Ben

New Apricot features March 2016

Latest features to be provided for Apricot customers for just one monthly fee

Date: 01/03/2016 | Author: James

Apricot now uses MailChimp for emails

Now using MailChimp's secure transactional email service

Date: 22/02/2016 | Author: Ben

New features for Apricot customers Feb 2016

Latest new features for the constantly evolving Apricot recruitment system

Date: 16/02/2016 | Author: James

Free reminders tool for Apricot customers

Apricot recruitment software now includes to do items and alerts

Date: 08/02/2016 | Author: James

Announcing the Apricot jobs board

Post jobs to the Apricot jobs board

Date: 03/02/2016 | Author: Ben

It's like CV parsing but better

Why our document search is better than CV parsing for your recruitment agency

Date: 28/01/2016 | Author: Ben

Latest new features Jan 2016

See the latest features free to all Apricot customers

Date: 13/01/2016 | Author: James

Post Apricot jobs on your website with our new widget

You can now post any or all of your jobs on your own website using our 'iFrame' widget. Just copy the simple line of code from your account page anywhere on your website.

Date: 07/01/2016 | Author: Ben

2016: New year, fresh new website and administration system

We are pleased to welcome in the new year with a fresh new look to our website and to our management area. Including many new features from our development plan and suggestions from our users.

Date: 04/01/2016 | Author: James

Only £40+vat per month

Our low cost online recruitment software is only £40+vat per month to use with no restrictions on how many consultants can access the system.

Date: 26/05/2015 | Author: James

New features added this month

Following some client feedback we have added some new features at no extra cost to the end users.

Date: 23/10/2014 | Author: James

Feedback on Apricot

Like using Apricot but want additional features then let us know your thoughts.

Date: 23/10/2014 | Author: James

Latest system updates

Following some our user feedback we have implemented a few new features.

Date: 03/09/2013 | Author: James

New features when adding a job

Following some recent feedback on the system, we are currently working on new features to help when adding data.

One of the features applies to the additions of jobs. Currently there is a requirement to add a client before adding a job, meaning this is a 2 stage process. We are currently changing this to allow the addition of a client to a job within the same screen to make this process more efficient.

Date: 08/01/2013 | Author: James

Agencies are getting a poor deal from software

Current recruitment software isn't doing its job of helping agencies to run their business better because it's too expensive, over-complicated and doesn't account for the user experience.

Date: 11/02/2010 | Author: Ben

Need something customised?

If you're looking for a customised or bespoke recruitment solution, we can help with that too. Apricot is designed to be simple and effective, a quick and easy solution for small and start-up recruitment agencies and in-house departments. Bluelinemedia also produces bespoke/customised recruitment software.

Date: 02/02/2010 | Author: Ben

Apricot: an easier way to manage recruitment

Today we launched our new website for a better kind of recruitment software. Apricot uses the 'saas' (subscription as a service) model of paying a single monthly fee for access to your software. There are no support costs, no user licences and you get free upgrades. All you pay is your monthly fee.

Date: 28/01/2010 | Author: Ben